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c130 stall speed?

does the c130 really stall at 80kts?
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Hongming Zheng (jianqing) First Officer

ok, you know i want sim to be as real as possible. I've noticed not real stall speeds on mike stone's planes(example: the L1011 stalls at like 105 kts). Now his c130 i am using stalls at like 80kts, i have no idea is that like real or not(i don't know the stall speed). Can anyone tell me the stall speed, Thanks Very Happy !

PS: i am not afraid of stall speed too high, i am afraid that 80kts stall speed is too low.(i mean what if it stalls like 100kts in real world)

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C-130J Specifications
Stall Speed: 115 mph

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Hongming Zheng (jianqing) First Officer

Thank you so much Very Happy ! But i think 115mph is something like 95 to 100kts Rolling Eyes !

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Rich Slipsky Guest

I last flew C-130s like 35 years ago, E and H models. We lost an airplane over a dry lake bed in California during a night drop mission due to an error in flap settings. So, stall speeds were permanently marked on my brain. Don't know about Js, but H and E models had different stall speeds depending on flap settings. Believe stall speed for 50% flaps was 89kts, stall speed for 100% flaps was 91kts. Our incident airplane was flying as slow as possible with 50% flaps selected, (91 kts) looking for the drop zone. The co-pilot thought that was too close for comfort and selected 100% flaps, thinking stall speed would be lower. He was wrong.

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