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I downloaded FA-37 Talon and I think it's a great aircraft, capable of reaching mach 4.0. I saw a little problem however, and it's the aircraft's stall speed. The aircraft doesn't stall untill it reaches 10-30knots!! This kind of unreallistic for a fighter jet coz even cessnas will stall at 20knots. I've already play with it's reference speed but I did not see any change in the aircraft's stall speed. I put:

flaps_up_stall_speed= 135.0
full_flaps_stall_speed= 110.0

Does anybody know what's cuasing this problem? It would be great if somebody could give me a solution.

One more thing! does anybody knows how to add sonicboom effect in FSX? It would be great if somebody could share it to me too!

If any of you wants to download this aircraft, here's a link:

This aircraft is cool, believe me!! However, this is only for FSX.

Thanks alot!!!!!

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harleyman52 Trainee can help with that...good luck though.... 🙂

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Well, looky here. 1st off, this one F-14 has a WONDERFUL boom effect, and sometimes grows onto other jets where you trigger the effect by pressing the Lights button. 2nd, The F/A-37 Talon is a fictional plane! So obviously, the effects and speeds will be unrealistic. Ya know?

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You might have to look in the Air file also. You'll find that next to the aircraft.cfg file in the aircrafts folder.

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