Building my Simpit

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Well it took me long enough to get started but here are the first pics.

The dashboard will be covered with thin foam and pleather (To simulate a real dash).

The bracket attached to the dash is for a Saitek Auto Pilot. The 3 brackets in the opening to the right
are for 3 Saitek radio panels (3 to make a stack).

The 3 brackets in the opening to the left are for 3 Saitek FIPs.

The 2 smaller openings at the bottom on either side are for a programmable push button panel
and a programmable toggle switch panel.

Back side - the 4 openings in the center are for 2 monitors.

Here Is the panel on its $99.00 Ikea Table.

Yoke & Auto Pilot Test fit.


My friend and I completed this project last night. What a pain in the rear end..
I hate getting in the attic...
Even a hot shower didn't get all the fiberglass insulation out of my skin, I'm still itching today😞

This is a Dell DLP HD Projector. I chose this projector because of it's ultra bright hi res image.

Fishing this down through the wall was a whole lot of fun... NOT!

More pics to come...

Any comments or suggestions are welcome.



Always Check You Six...

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I'm very impressed with the skills you have.
That will be a beauty, thank you for showing it and please keep us updated on your progress.


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Well I got some of the Gauges, Monitors and Avionics installed this weekend. Still need to build the pedestal.

Still need to get the foam and the pleather on the dash

Radio stack Com 1 & 2, Nav 1 & 2, DME. ADF, Transponder and avionics switch bank.

Autopilot, Monitor 2 and Simulated liquid compass (not in the correct position yet).

Monitor 1, standby gauges, programmable toggle switches and yoke. The little white gauge
is connected to my motherboard so I can over clock on the fly, keep track of all temps in the
server and a few other things.

More to come...

My best,


Always Check Your Six...

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Nice nice nice. What size monitors are you using.
Saitek or CH yoke.


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whit1721 Trainee

Great Job!!! That's very impressive!!!

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