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I want to go a bit further in configuring buttons for my CH controllers (and others, possibly). I realized that some keyboard shortcuts are missing altogether. (I'm not saying: not assigned by me, but missing).

- set/select OBS2. OBS1 can be set with Shift-V. OBS2?
- Setting the clock and stopwatch (in the FSX Cessna 172)
- unselecting OBS1. Once you've hit Shift-V, you can use selection-increase/decrease, to set some value (default: it zooms in/out). But their is no way to un-Shift-V, so that selection-increase/decrease again acts on your external view, rather than on the OBS.

Sure enough, folks that have serious cockpits don't use the mouse for this. So how do you configure e.g. a CH controller to act on these things that apparently have no keyboard shortcut in the settings? Any config file to tweak?


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