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Long time ago I've bought Acceleration. I installed it and used it for a while. After a long time I took it off my computer. After that I put it on my computer again. After a while my computer crashed and everything is gone.
So I installed FSX and Acceleration again. After a year or something I took it off. But then I discovert that IVAO & some other programs didn't worked without Acceleration. So I thought to put it on my computer again but it gave a error and I was not able to instal it again. Then I tought: Well Acceleration & SP2 are the same. So I installed SP2. Now I've got a problem with SP2. My taxiway textures Look strange they're shimmy. The shadow inside the cockpit is blocked the edge isn't a line they're squeres.
Does anyone knows a solution.


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When you had Acceleration on FSX then SP1 and SP2 are automatically installed (built in to Acceleration).
I would uninstall SP1 in delete programs and files section of the control panel menu.

The shimmy may just be your video card, or the cards older drivers, check your settings too.


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