FSX SP1 'Later this week': Promises 40% performance Increase

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FSX SP1 News:AMD quote
Today AMD announced their new Phenom™ processor here.

As part of this press release, Aces Studio participated with a quote about our improved multi-core support in SP1. The quote stated

“Like AMD, we too envision quad-core technology as an enabler of a more immersive experience,” said Phil Taylor, senior program manager of Aces Studio at Microsoft Game Studios. “Multi-core technology is already opening up a new world of significant possibilities with the Service Pack1 release for Microsoft Flight Simulator X. SP1 contains multi-threaded code for terrain loading and in-flight generation of terrain textures; as well as for the batching of Autogen vegetation and buildings. This code is written to allow SP1 to use all available cores. We are excited about AMD’s upcoming quad-core technology, which we believe will further enable our mutual customers to dial up the visual details when using SP1 and see more of the highly detailed world contained in FSX.”

So what does this mean for FSX and FSX flyers?

As I stated previously, our multi-core support will take advantage of both 2 and 4 cores today, and more cores in the future when they become available. And this is for both AMD and Intel.

As to how much of a boost, we are still being conservative with the 20% across the board number, but we are seeing some scenarios on better hw hit up to 40% improvement. It really depends on your rig, on your settings, and on your actual flight.

And thats before we talk to the scenery content fixes, the airplane and gauge/panel fixes, the back-compat bug fixes, the 3 AI aircraft fixes, the multiplayer fixes ( griefer bug, partial fix for the connection to Gamespy issue ) and the SDK+SimConnect fixes.

SP1 is chock full of goodness. And is still on target for later this week. Stay tuned!


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