Overland or Posky

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which is better for downloading aircraft/repaints ect...

at the moment i have Overland airbus and boeing package, but im
having problems.
The A380 struggles to climb
The A340 struggles to Taxi and climb

+ the ILS autoland doesnt want to work..
But i have no problems with the default aircraft,
sept the B777, but who doesnt...

When ive downloaded repaints for, eg, B747-400
the aircraft has problems.

All i want to do, is fly from one place to another.
Not struggle to climb, or taxi, or not being able to land smoothly.

Any help out there?

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I'm not really sure what you're asking here, whether you want help with aircraft or which has better repaints?

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yourtoserious Trainee

ok, well i downloaded the Overland airbus and boeing package
but some aircraft dont work correctly.

and i tried to put a repaint on FS9 from POSKY and it didnt work..
i dont know if its just me thats having these problems.

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