lost all airports in fsx

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ken hanson (veshagoo) Trainee

hi..i installed world of ai..it didnt work so i uninstalled it..now i dont have any fsx airports, just the pads and runways, no terminals or buildings...i did the repair fsx from the disk....then i couldnt get fsx to even start..BUT i uninstalled sp2 and reinstalled fsx sp2 and i got fsx to start up again , but still no airports..i have fsx deluxe edition and vista 64 bit..any will be appreciated ..rgds ken hanson

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Nick (truckernick) First Officer

Weird, i couldn't think of anyway you could fix something like that, so i would do a complete reinstall if i were you.

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Derian First Officer

The problem could be as simple as you having your Scenary to None or Sparse. Check that out and let me know. 😀

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ken hanson (veshagoo) Trainee

thanks guys..problem solved..i got in touch with microsoft and they said to change the cfg file .bak..all airports are back..thanks to all..rgds ken

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What do you have to do?
Just suffred the same problem...

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