Level D 767 not following the FMC route?

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Hi all,

Little question about the Level-D. When I program a small flight route into the FMC let's say from Amsterdam(EHAM) to Brussels(EBBR) or Palma de Mallorca(LEPA) complete with depparting and arriving RW's it sometimes won't follow that route correctly. I see the pink line on the display and usally it follow's that all the way, but sometimes it goes flying paralel or completly the wrong way when everything is set up right. What could cause this?

Another one: Sometimes the plane won't descent out of cruise and I am forced to use spoilers Whip to get down in time. Could this be caused by MCP altitude not set right? What should it be set to? Exactly the FMC cruise or different?

And help would be great, since I love this bird so much, thanks!

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You're right about one thing; this plane definately is amongst the best ever made for FS9 🙂

As far as going off-course; I have never had any experiences like that myself in the 200 or-so hours I have logged in this bird so far.

Unless, that is, I was doing something wrong myself 🙂

You sound awefully confident stating "I have set everything up right" - are you sure that is the case... are there no route discontinuïties in your RTE, for example?

MCP Alt:

Before takeoff, set to cruise level (or SID restrictions)
After clearing the SID, set to cruise alt and make sure the CRZ ALT in FMC is identical.

VNAV PATH will engage after reaching cruise level. (IF ALT HLD engages you've gone wrong somewhere).

Before TOD, reset MCP ALT to altitudes specified in the STAR. Make sure there are no altitude restrictions in the LEGS page that may interfere, and keep an eye on the VNAV Desc. page.

Should work... it does for me...

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Check to ensure that the route has no discontinuities or breaks (shown as a dashed line across your legs page).

Provided your route is continuous check that you have "LNAV" engaged and that your are fully automated with the flight director (FD) switched ON.

If you still can't get a result try to modify your route mid-flight such as a a "Direct-To". To do this get to your LEGS page. Down the left side you'll see the various waypoints of your flight. Pick one a little further down route by selecting the key next to it. Now bring that point to the top of your LEGS page by pressing the top left and key on the FMC. Finally confirm or ececute it. Take a look at your horizontal display you'll hopefully see the pink line running directly from your aircraft to that point. HHit the LNAV button and hopefully it will follow this new route.

Regarding descent. This aircraft won't descend in VNAV unless you are at your Top Of Descent (or elsewhere on the ideal descent path). If you need to start your descent early you can get it started by using VS (Vertical Speed) and I suggest 1000 feet/min. When you start to intercept the ideal profile you can switch back over to VNAV. Once it captures you'll see the nose drop and the descent rate increase. There is another way of doing it via the FMC but I'll leave that desription til later.

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Thanks for the replies, tried it again last night, before reading this(internet was down 😞. I set EHAM to EBBR, then clicked departure/arrival page and selected the correct takeoff runway, followed by selecting ILS25R for EBBR, then back to route page to activate and the pink line appeared, straight to FAF(first waypoint to ILS25R) I set cruise alt to 12000 to make sure I don't overshoot on this short hop. Gross weight is set and reserves too. Then 80 for econ. Set flaps to 15 in the takeoff page, and voila, my v speeds are on the speedtape. I take of with FD and AT on, set N1 to 70% and stabelize, then I hit N1 button on MCP and away I go, activate LNAV and VNAV at around 800 feet. And last, activate autopilot L or C CMD.

Then it happens, either the plane goes chasing the pink link or is scared of it.

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I deleted every saved flight. Now everything seemes normal. Maybe FS9 was screwing the Level-D with something, I don't know. But it works like it's supposed to now.

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Very interesting NSX, the clue could have been hidden here all along:

ARD-DC wrote:

You sound awefully confident stating "I have set everything up right" - are you sure that is the case... are there no route discontinuïties in your RTE, for example?

I've never tried to save a flight when using the LDS but I seem to remember reading that if you do that, when you reselect this saved flight, in the case of the LDS the flight won't continue the way you'd expect.

If you select a saved flight with any other aircraft, all your settings, including GPS/NAV, altitude, speed.. basically everything except time of day and season perhaps (in my experience anyway) will be as you saved them.

Now if this is not the case with the LDS, the problem COULD be that unless you plan a flight from scratch, you won't be able to make any adjustments to your instruments effectively.

You say that you...deleted every saved flight -- I wonder what would have happened had you only deleted the saved LDS flight(s) 🤔

Anyway, thanks for informing us how you solved the problem 😀

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I recall saving a flight when using the stock 747 and stock flight planner following high altitude route's(VOR to VOR) The LDS 767 seemed to fancy VOR's too. Quess that was the issue.

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