fsx navaids/level d 767 fsx airac

Peter Dungan Guest

I have ordered flight simulator x gold edition and am going to order the level d 767 for fsx online also,but do the fsx navaids(vors,waypoints,airways)and the airac that comes with the level d 767 for fsx have to be the same for the level d FMC to work?
I have read on websites about using a fsx navaids installer that updates vors,waypointsetc and also navigraph and navdatapro that i think update vor/ils/runway frequencies but i think these are complicated to use.(from what i read from the fsx navaids installer documentation)
So can i fly north Atlantic tracks,rnav approaches on the level d 767 without updating the fsx navaids or the airac for the level d 767 FMC and just using the navaids that come with fsx and the airac that comes with the level d 767 for fsx?

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