Airbus A380 (wilco)

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Hello, can someone tell me where I can get the ILS landing procedure for the Airbus A380


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RM ... I don't think that post belongs here. Do you? 🙄

Regards ... Art

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effieveda wrote:

RM ... I don't think that post belongs here. Do you? 🙄

Regards ... Art

😂 Thanks, I never looked at the forum title.

I'm Not authorized for this forum. 🙄



Many of your answers do not match the questions. Example Question how to do ils landing with fsx A380. someone posted a general procedure referenced the forum web site etc. The A380 cockpit set up is completely different than the fsx boeing 777-200 with gauges similar to 737-800 which is not that hard to figure out. The A380 makes no sense if you are new to using it. It would be nice to see someone just cover how to operate the radio, with the gauges on ils landing, what the panel looks like before take off. what looks like at 1000 ft. set for ap and gps, what it looks like for descending and what it looks like for ils approach. I can do ils landing with fsx united 777-200 and boeing 747. I have been using the fsx Air France 2 days now I can take off no problem, getting al and set little iffy. following the course with gps or nav is very iffy. and so far no luck on getting ils to lock on. Some videos say it is simple aircraft to operate so far just the opposite and I am not sure what all works with the freeware model I have. I struggled with the ils procedure for a long time trial and error. One day I stumbled on a video and its was simple, clean and step by step with actual example of each step. It all clicked and I followed it a few times and it sort all fell into place and now I get it right most of the time. If you only knew how good it felt to overcome that issue and how much more fun flying the fsx aircraft are now. Much like when I first learned to dance. Great memory to put in the bank to draw on later. Thanks ghembree
p.s. you go on line ask for procedure to do ils landing with A380 they post a video for you to watch the aircraft do ils landing are you kidding nothing on step by step setting the gauges and adjusting gauges for changes etc.???? I also see lots of people asking for landing proc. for A380

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use virtual panel .
move down to radio panel
turn on knob HF2 (second row down , centre knob of three
turn on and off a couple of times , this seems to reset display.make sure it is on
use mouse to activate push buttons on keypad, clear first ,then frequency of runway ie 110.3 for Christchurch r/way 20
side buttons will move new frequency to active screen on left hand side.
when lined up with runway all you need to do is push appr button on main panel . during approach go to manual throttle and at 500 ft switch off autopilot . the rest is up to you. my landings are bumpy dont want to be on my plane.

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