3 monitors virtual cockpit problem!!!

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Hey, I have my new multi monitor setup, i am running a ATI radeon 5770 in eyefinity mode with 3 samsung syncmaster E1920, and I changed the CFG file to Wide view Aspects: True, but I can not zoom out enough in the virtual cockpit, when i am running one or two monitors, I can zoom out and see the whole cockpit in all the defult planes, such as the FA-18 or the cessna, but when running 3 monitors, it will only zoom out abit and i can only see the HUD and some parts of the NAV/AP panel, HOW CAN I GET MORE ZOOM OUT? HELP PLEASE

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I had that card... gave it to my son for his computer and went back to the 8800GTS. Sorry you took a hit on you wallet for it though. If you can salvage a profit for the card, I'd sell it for the Matrox Triple Head to Go. That is what I am running now. A very good KVM system...

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