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ErikFromSweden Guest

Hi! First I must say that I'm quite new to Flight Simulator X Steam Edition.

I have just dowloaded the Embraer erj package with a lot of paintings and so on. In the description of the download it stood that all aircraft have a Virtual Cockpit. But when I installed it and tested the different aircrafts no one have a virtual cockpit.

What should I do to get virtual cockpits on aircrafts?

I have downloaded more aircrafts which should have VC.

Sorry for my terrible English!

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Fly757 Guest

hey, I have the same problem, but its weird because last year all my embraer had a virtual cockpit and now, nothing, try installing fsx service pack 1 and 2, tell me if it heps 😕

Pro Member Chief Captain
RadarMan Chief Captain

FSX Microsoft and FSX Steam seem to be at odds with each other with certain add-ons.
Steam sometimes uses old FSX add-ons and sometimes doesn't.
I would post at Steam and see if anyone got the aircraft to work.


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