Want To Create My Own Plane, Where Should I Start?

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Hey Simmers!
This may sound sad, but I would really like to create an Iron Man airplane for FSX. I don't want anyone to make it for me (unless there is already one out there somewhere which I have not looked at). I just need to know how I would go about creating my own airplane.

Thanks In Advance,

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It would be possible, but I don't think it would be a pretty static model. It would probably taxi laying horizontally instead of walking, and would stay in mostly the same shape all the time unless you have mad design and programming skillz...

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I was thinking of the rotation into hover mode being used like flaps. I could individually animate his arms, legs and body to move to certain positions with the flaps. As for the taxi-walking, I'm not too sure that could work. It would have to hover taxi and land with engines off.
With respect to the flaps idea, does anyone know how I can get the game to sit the model still during a full stop landing? I've tried some other models of fantasy aircraft; such as the Milleniun Falcon and the USS Voyager l, but both seem to have the same problem. When you land and switch off the engines, they continue to move, even with the parking brake on. Does anyone know how I may avoid this scenario when creating my aircraft?

Thanks again,

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