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Bob C. Guest

Greetings. How do I start a free flight in a single or double prop plane with the engine(s) off? I'd like to start the engine myself. I always start from a gate and taxi to my runway but the flight always starts with the engine(s) already running. I've been through the settings and don't see a way to do this. Conversely, I would like to find a way to turn off the engine(s) when I park the plane after landing. There must be a way to do this, but I'm damned if I know how. Thanks!

Bob C.

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First download and print this out.
You'll find that it is a great help.


This video will help you with starting cold and dark.


Bob C. Guest

Thanks Radarman. The video helped, I just wish people would turn off the friggin' music when they're recording a video. It's difficult enough trying to understand them even without the noise in the background. His explanation was clear enough, I just wonder why there isn't a simple check box in the settings somewhere that allow you to start a flight "cold and dark" as you so aptly put it. I would think that a great many people would like to begin their flight this way and a simple little setting should be easy to accomplish programmatically. It's like changing the default plane. You can change and save the default flight and get your plane, but why can't you just change the plane you want to start your flights with and keep it as your default without creating a default flight at the same time? A "make this your default plane" check box seems simple enough to do. What do I know. I only spent 25 years as a computer programmer. Who am I to tell Microsoft what to do? Thanks for the help once again Radarman and have a great 2014.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Glad it helped.
Putting a checkbox would be the easy way, why do that when they can make it difficult for people 😂
Thanks and you have a good New Year.


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