ALPHA B58 Hustler

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Hi.. I have just downloaded the ALPHA B58 hustler and I must say that I have never had so many problems with an aircraft. One of the problems is that when approaching the Glideslope the aircraft will lock and turn for the approach but since it has to go very fast, it will wonder out of the glideslope path. If I drop the speed to 220 knots, it will drop into the ocean like a stone. The file I am using is from ALPHA and it is entitled Alpha Simulations AlphaSim B-58 Hustler and is a 32 Mbyte file. My first problem was one of a very high angle of attack when taking off or flying at cruise speed which was a bad file. Now the plane takes off normally and climbs to altitude like it should. Wonder if anyone out there has used this particular for the B-58 and what they did to correct some of the problems.


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