B-58 Hustler yaw problem

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Hi... I have a very nice B-58 hustler but cannot land it even using the
ILS system lock as it yaws terribly from side to side and I really don't
know how to correct this problem. Does anyone out there have any
idea on how to prevent this from happening? Even when I am lined up
at about 15 miles and am looking at the runway almost head on the plane
will start to yaw so bad that I cannot land it.

Thank you

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Hi, welcome to the forums, are you using flight stick, keyboard or gamepad? if your using a stick, better have a look at your calibration.

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Hi.. Thanks for the reply. I am not using a joystick but the keyboard. I should also mention that the aircraft was one by Massimo Altieri and it did
not have a radio in it at the time. I installed a typical Bendix radio which had the capability of selecting the APR for locking to the ILS frequency. I am wondering if the problem is in the way the software was written that is causing the problem? I am not well adversed in the software involved in
using the APR to lock to the ILS frequency or I would make an attempt to
change it. I could send you the zip file so you could see exactly what is
happening. It is the only aircraft in my collection that exhibits this problem and in my estimation Mr. Altieri did a great job on the aircraft but for this one problem. Attempts to contact him have failed.


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