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I need to convert a FSX scenery into FS9

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Its a simple scenery for a location that have never had an addon made for it in FS9--Nothing fancy-but is there a way to convert the FSX BGL files so that they if nothing else can be read so I can see the basics of the scenery-and from that maybe hand modify or redo it all in FS9?

Been looking at a few tool--I am NOt worried about the building that I need to replace so much as I want to see the descriptions and locaions of what Stock building were used in FSX and then rewrite is in FS9.

Any one????

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I'm not sure how to do it but its not as simple as that, you have to remember the world in FSX is curved, flat in FS9, and there is a whole bunch of other things that could be FSX specific with differences in software. I've never heard of scenery being downgraded for FS9, only dual compatible, and even now developers are starting to stop doing that because of the differences and the amount of work is involved.

Just my two cents, I hope you get it done regardless!

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