Can't turn while taxiing.

delano Guest


I'm new at this, and after playing a few hours, suddenly i couldn't turn or move to another side with the airplane while taxiing. I'm not using a joystick, just my keys. I tried to look at the keysettings but everything seemed normal. While i'm in the air there isn't a problem.

I hope someone can help me out ?

Thanks Wink

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sumit36 Guest

i have the same problem
for months i've been using my joystick, and since a few days when i taxi i cannot turn, i can turn in the air but not on the ground. i have tried everything, calibrating it , reinstalling...

can any1 help please, i would be rly greatful!!!


i hav the exact same problem and i use a joystick as well lol its a friggin annoying mystery

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