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I've downloaded tom330-200. Before installing into FSX, the instruction says to copy certain files from default Airbus-A321 into the tom330-200 panel folder as well as texture folders in tom330-200. Then copy the whole tom330-200 folder into flight simulation X/ simobject/airplane

After installing, I start FSX, and notice that select aircraft shows Airbus330-200. When selecting the sircraft it only shows the wings, but not the fuselage or aircraft body.

Is there any step that I have missed?

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Be sure that the download is for FSX not FS9 and the box in the graphic section does not have the DX10 box checked.

It may be to graphic intensive for your card to render.
Lower some slides for one pass at seeing if that's the problem, I would choose lowering autogen, AI, scenery all to 0.


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