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Automated weather observations

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Can anyone tell me why the automated weather observation starts mid flight (green bar across top of screen and voiced weather report) and more importantly how to switch it off. It is really annoying as it stops you being able to use atc so eventually your flight plan is cancelled as you are unable to respond to instructions. Any help would be very much appreciated.

Thanks and Merry Christmas to all.

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Have not had this problem myself are you sure you pres the right key when told to tune to approach etc?

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Make sure you tune back to the tower, approach, etc.

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Yes, it sounds like your radio is tuned to an ATIS station in the vicinity and your settings are configured to display text of radio communications (sorry, I can't remember the correct term, but that's what it does).

So hit the " ` " key and tune to some other ATC source, like nearest control or approach. Or just open the radio stack and change the frequency for COM 1 and COM 2. And change your settings to turn off that scrolling display.


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Thanks for your help, I will try this next time it happens. It doesn't happen often but does start with no input from me. Will post a reply again if it works. Thanks again.

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