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Hey All,

So I haven't done a video in over 6 months (busy with a new job) but I found some time today to make the video of the first part of my journey:

Amata Kabua International (PKMJ) to Ine (N20). Ine is a small island off the coast of Amo. Ine features a 2,450ft lime coral runway and offers little room for error.

The trip was smooth and best of all, short. Total flight time was under 30 minutes. Video quality is OK, still need to tweak Fraps and FSX a bit to bump up the quality.



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Drew B (belgeode) Chief Captain

What scenery is that? Almost looks like ORBX.

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cuartz7o Trainee

belgeode wrote:

What scenery is that? Almost looks like ORBX.

The Marshall Islands by Pacific Island Simulations.

The quality is pretty good, perhaps not as complete as an ORBX package but very much worth the price. I've only been to 3 airports so far so I have a lot of flying left to check out the other 5 airports.

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Nice shots. scenery is stunning ! 🙂

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