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Hi.. I have both the PMDG 737-700 and the 747-400 aircraft. I now find that when creating a flight plan in the 737 and storing it in the PMDG Flight Plan folder, you cannot use this flight plan for the PMDG 747. Perhaps I didn't install the system correctly or perhaps this is the way it works but for the life of me I cannot see the reason why. I am leaning towards my making a mistake in the initial installation of both aircraft but not sure. Can someone verify that this is the normal procedure or did I miss something.


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Hi All... After some extensive study is is apparent that the flight plans for the PMDG 737-700 and the flight plans for the PMDG 747-400 are definitely not compatible and cannot be interchanged. All flight plans for the PMDG aircraft are stored in the same folder, namely PMDG and the flight plans for both aircraft are stored in the same directory. A flight plan by the name of KABEKPHL.rte has the same name for both aircraft but yet they are not compatible. Why PMDG decided to write their software in this manner is beyond me. It would have been better if they would have stored their flight plans in a folder such as PMDG737 and PMDG747 if the flight plans were never to be compatible. So buyer beware if you have both PMDG aircraft as I don't see anyway around his problem. If PMDG has a solution or if I am doing something wrong, fine, then notify me and I will send a retraction on the forum.

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