Looking for Air Rarotonga and Scenery for the Cook Islands

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Anyone out there know where I can find the 2004 lavender and turquoise flowered Air Rarotonga Embrear EMB-110 Bandeirante and 2004 scenery for the Cook Islands including Rarotonga ZK-FTS/ ZK-TAI Aitutaki Airstrip? Only (and all) ones I am locating so far are for FS2002.
I am on the search now and am aiming to locate/find to expand my Aloha B737-700 Polynesia & Austral Islands operation Southward! 🙂

737-700 fleet/addon scenery/Air Raro commuter.

..Air Raro.

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How long have you been the omni-present, omnipotent deity of FS9? --Thanks! 😂

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