cannot create exc1.bgl

Gorfiend Guest

Actually I try to create an airport with FSSC v 1.5.11

The first trys worked good but since I must change my PC I can't compile the BGL files anymore.
Everytime I try it brings out the following error:

Error in line 20
-> GenExcl( "\Scenery\Iller_exc1.bgl" 7 N48:31:20.9935 N48:
-> cannot write "\Scenery\Iller_exc1.bgl"

I've got some similar errors before but there it was everytime just an uncompatible makro. But at this position is nothing.

sorry for my bad englisch

Thanks for help

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Gorfiend Guest

Problem solved via the hard way ..

It seems when you copy the .scn file it could cause damage to the file itself .. so simply create a new airport and copy alle structures into this new file .. and everything is fine.


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