Lost FSX Product Key


I have contacted Microsoft about 3 times before, due to this lost product key. now since i wiped my computers hard drive, i don't feel like calling them again. so i was wondering if any of you actual buyers of the game, like myself, can tell me the product key either on this, or via email (cody.wiebe@pallisersd.ab.ca) so that no real hackers can see the product key.

If you need proof of ownership, then i have photos posted on photobucket from my iphone, links posted here:






If you wish to have video for proof of ownership i will also post that on you tube upon request, lastly have an application on my iphone that can scan the bar code on the back of the game, if you wish to have that scanned, screen shot, and posted as well.

thank you, if you help that is.

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Seems legit IMO, deserves some help. I don't play FSX so I can't help you, sorry.

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