Terrafugia "The flying Car"

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Has 1 been added to the add ons here on flyaway? This craft really excites me. I'm 31years old right meow. Hoping to own 1 by 60.. lol by then either humans won't be here anymore or we will have carcrafts going into space... What a dream that would be Eh? lol I'm not from Canada. Not that there's anything wrong with that..

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MrPooperScooper wrote:

...by then either humans won't be here anymore

That would be the most likely scenario. Thanks on the HU for yet another insane idea /invention 😀 I had never heard of it.

I did try to find a model for FSX though without success. That aside, should the production go ahead and become yet another mode of transport for stressed out desperate housewives dropping their children off at school, then running late for their board meetings and at the end of the day popping into the grocery store to stock up on junk food and candy for the little brats at home... surely this is a recipe for disaster.
Career women or single or stressed out mothers are still struggling with the esoteric workings of SUVs - do we really need to provide them with yet more complex means of transportation? 😳

Now MPS what's wrong with being from Canada anyway? As a non-North American I have never understood why United-Statesians find it necessary to deride and belittle Canadians at every opportunity. In fact, I have found Canadians rather civilized when compared to certain other nationalities... ouch.

Let us know if and when you find a Terrafugia for the sim... but DO NOT leak it to 'the other side' 😛

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