FS 2004 "Sensitivity" and "Null Zone" Se

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Does anyone have any tips on how to adjust the FS 2004 "sensitivity" and "null zone" settings?

Does moving the "sensitivity" indicator to the right increase or decrease the sensitivity? Does moving the "null zone" indicator to the right make the null zone wider or more narrow??

I have a Saitek 290 joystick and I have been adjusting those settings at "subjective random" and still haven't found a good setting. I move the stick a tad and nothing happens, then I move it a little more and still nothing happens, then when something finally DOES happen it's like WHOAA-- I am all over the sky rather than making a minor course correction. Twisted Evil

Each time I fiddle with the sensitivity and null zones I run through the Saitek "calibration" procedure.

It's hard flying a traffic pattern into "Podunk Airport" when the plane is all over the sky trying to get lined up with the runway. 😉

Has anyone found the answer to those settings??


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Wile E Coyote Guest

Sensitivity is how sensitive your joystick is, or in other words, how fast it reacts to touch. The more you move the indicator to the right, the more sensitive your joystick will be. I personally use the most sensitive configuration for best realism.

Null Zone is the zone which the joystick isn't active, meaning it doesn't react to motion. It is useful when you have a hard time to level the wings, because the ailerons always deflect. The more you move the indicator to the right, the more "dead zone" you'll have - an inactive zone. I personally use a tiny null zone so that manuevering at landing with the ailerons will be the best.

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The null setting determines how much control input is required before a control has an effect. The sensitivity establishes a range. For example, if you turn down the sensitivity of your throttle, to say mid way, then full throttle will develope much less than full power when it is pushed all the way forward. I use a good size null setting (about 20%) for my toe brakes to keep me from getting a brake warning. I would set a very small null for key flight controls and set the sensitity about 1/2 to 3/4.

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My thanks to Wile E and Ronald for a quick response to my question, and with useful information.

I will try for a small null zone and more sensitivity.

Glenn 😛

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Abel Collins (shutter3339) Trainee

Hello,I have been fighting the same thing for many weeks. I finally did get a consistent direction to take in order to adjust the sensitivities. I have a Saitek Cyborg EVO. From FS9 bring up the control bar by pressing The Alt Key. Choose sensitivities. press the radio button for simple. Moving the slider to the Left reduces moving them to the Right increases. I chose the simple route because it minimized the number of parameters I had to keep track of. I believe the above observations are independent of Saitek stick.

All the best
Abel Collins

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Welshflyer Captain

Eerrrr......you've just replied to a post that is SIX years old 😳 .

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