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Does anyone know (if possible) how to use the ILS on the acceleration F!-18 Hornet? Also, how do you navigate using VOR and ADF?

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Try this YouTube vid:

I don't fly the Acceleration F-18 because it's rubbish... however, there are updates available mostly authored by the members of the FSX Blue Angels team. I'd suggest for you to visit their site - some interesting stuff there.

If you can't find the F-18 updates anywhere, I'd suggest you fly Dino Cattaneo's Cat and Goshawk. Both are fully compatible with Acceleration but behave and look so much better. Keep in mind though that both of Dino's a/c have the default F-18 VC aliased. If the VC clicking and panning around becomes a bit too frustrating, you could always try out a 2D panel (they do exist)... if you manage to have that horrible default VC plus a decent 2D panel installed, you can just switch between the two.

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Or you can get the F/A 18 Superbug from VRS....

I'm just sayin' 😎

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