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When running FSCommander and using the SID/STAR for creating a flight plan in FSX, I have run into a recurring problem at various airports. When creating a flight plan and looking at the FSCommander map, airport KTPA shows several runways namely 18R, 18L, 36R & 36L. When you select the SID/STARS TRAN in FSCommander for the departure it displays 01L, 01R, 19L & 19R. I am using AIRAC 1301. I have found this same condition at other airports as well and I wonder if I have something set wrong or do I have to update something somewhere. I sometimes get the same condition when selecting the STAR approach, that is the runways don't coincide with the STAR listing. Thanks for any help

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Well it seems after much searching all afternoon it appears that the problem in FSCommander cannot be corrected. I have looked at other flight planners that might use SID/STAR routing but it appears there are almost none for FSX. FSCommander is a well written program but the conflict between the SID and STAR departures and approaches on some of the major airports do not match the actual runway numbers. I am not sure where FSCommander is reading the AIRAC SID/STAR charts from as the error is in the reading of the SID/STAR Departures and Arrivals and not on the map or the charts I have downloaded for KTPA.

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I found this
You can try the demo but it's expensive to buy, about $40 I think.


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