So could I get help installing

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Hey guys I got this site. I get there concept of loading the planes not a proble. but in my flight sim x gold addition there is no airplane folder, no sim objects folder, all my folders are showing anyone help me out? thanks

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Drop in disk 1 and see if you need to do a repair.

If it still doesn't show up post a screenshot of the folders so we can see what you have.


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what happens when you start fsx? if it starts with a screen that says fly now in the bottom right and has an aircraft slowly turning around then you have simobjects and an aircraft folder. that would be your main screen in free flight mode, but you have several options to select such as learning center...missions etc. if you have windows seven click on computer then OS: C then program files x86 then scroll down and click on microsoft games and then click on Microsoft Flight Simulator X and then scroll down to simobjects and click it and then click on airplanes and you should see all your airplane files. if you see none uninstall fsx turn off your virus protection programs and firewalls and reinstall all discs including the acceleration disc. if you still have nothing call microsoft for help.

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ps when asking something like this tell us what kind of cp and operating system such as windows xp vista windows 7 or home premium seven so we can be more specific. When i was telling you what to do before it was with windows home premium 7. All the directions are starting from clicking on the desktop icon in the far left taskbar then click on computer (its just above control panel) and click on OS:C and click on etc. etc. FSX is a rweal glitchy program and will not run as smoothly as fs2004 or fs2002. So make sure when you reinstall fsx you have all virus protection software off as it may interfere with your installation. i have 6 gb of ram so mine runs sort of smooth most of the time, but i have had white cockpits and paint fall off my planes and i had one that its wheels disappeared. so strange things do happen with this program but its still great.

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