After installing the acceleration pack

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Arul Dass (arulu) Trainee

Friends after installing the Acceleration pack with SP2 the jetways are not moving. What could be the error?

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Orion (ollyau) First Officer

1. SP2 souuldn't be installed along with Acceleration. Acceleration has it built in. Also, I think the SP2 installer prohibits Acceleration users to install it (I tried installing SP2 SDK).

2. The jetways are file for me. Check that you have "Advnced Animations" on in your settings, park on the line an stop at the "T" looking mark and turn off your engines.

Hope this helps


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Arul Dass (arulu) Trainee

Thanks Orion, I did not install SP2 separately. Its with acceleration pack. As you stated, I tried to bring the plane to the yellow line, the jetway worked. Thanks.

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