Meigs Field Mystery

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I have attached structure all of a sudden appearing at Meigs Field airport (KCGX). I must say I have lots of add-on airports installed but none in vicinity of KCGX! KCGX it self is a stock airport. So bit puzzled.
Any help would be much appreciated.
Many thanks

I further foud out that this object must have filtered from one of my downloaded add-on sceneries. Since after de-activating all, it has dissapeared. So will try to identify the add-on to see who the joaker is.

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Hi again,
for those interested, this mystery is resolved. The Maigs default airport scenery and probably some others were affected by the add-on airport EGLC (zip London_City_274783) which had some additional bgls and scenery files in it, affecting other airports. AVSIM tell me that the developer is aware.

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