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The City of Chicago is telling the FAA that Meigs Field was an
airport that had to be cleaned up. That assertion comes in response to
an FAA probe into whether the city illegally used federal funds. the FAA has proposed
fining Chicago $33,100, the maximum allowed, for not providing a
30-day notice before closing Meigs Field. The FAA is also investigating
whether the city illegally diverted $1.5 million in federal funds
intended for O'Hare Airport improvements to rip up Meigs' runway and
tear down the control tower. In a 40-page legal brief responding to
the FAA's notice of investigation, Chicago admitted that it actually
spent $2.8 million of O'Hare and Midway airport development funds to
destroy Meigs and remove any evidence that it was once an airport.
"Meigs Field was willfully destroyed by elected officials using public
monies that were intended for airport construction, not destruction,"
. But it's clear that the
city is--once again--engaging in revisionist history and justification."
If the FAA determines Chicago used airport funds improperly, it could
fine the city three times the amount of diverted funds. That could make
the fine as much as $8.4 million.
This information was sent to me by the AOPA

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horrgakx First Officer

Very interesting. Can you keep us updated on this please? (I'm in the UK so wouldn't hear about it - have relatives in Michigan too though never made it across yet).

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George Leach (CDR) First Officer

Sure wil my friend.

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Kurt Stevens (KurtPStevens) First Officer

Cleveland has been trying to close Burke Lakefront for years too. They want to put up high-dollar condos on lake Erie.

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leadfoot First Officer

I hope the fed govt. finds their way to filing criminal charges against that bastard Daley. What he did is clearly criminal, and sacriligious, and he's getting away with it. I'd personaly like to take that SOB into a dark alley and beat the holy hell out of him. He is a crook through and through just like his old man.

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