Microsoft Flight - GARBAGE

Alantew Guest

Having Faithfully purchased every Version of Flight Simulator since FS for Windows 95 I was looking forward to this new Version.

OH DEAR - Don't bother with it - Total Uncontrollable garbage - Go on see what you think

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Fly Away Simulation (Flyaway) Site Admin

You can read our review of Microsoft Flight here:

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Taylor (Flyboy92) First Officer

As the title suggests, this is not a simulator.

I rather enjoy the visuals, and the gameplay.


thhynes Guest

I just installed Microsoft Flight WHAT A HUNK OF GARBAGE

I spent the first 2 hours trying to get to the free flight you can fly your plane any where and view the scenery. Well apparently you HAVE to complete the first two missions before you get to that point. The womans voice is bloody annoying as well.

NO ATC no Auto pilot control no NOTHING..and the program does not even give you the entire Hawaii chain, just the big island is displayed with full graphics...

My computer exceeds the requirements for minimum install and the program loads SLOWER than MICROSOFT FLIGHT SIM even loads slower than if I have my computer load Adobe Encore and Adobe Premier and Adobe Photoshop all at once.

Microsoft has certainly outdone themselves once again by producing GARBAGE...

Just my humble opinion

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AngelT Trainee

After 20+ years with simulators, I expect nothing but the best. Microsoft Flight seem like a Nintendo game...does not recognize my mouse, after falil on the stupid balloms, could not get out of the game...I refuse to pay 1 cent on add ons...

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Rodney Jacobs (GundamWZero) Captain

Tell me about it...

I can't even install Microsoft Flight.... Evil or Very Mad

There is a file that is either corrupt or damaged straight from download. I uninstalled every program associated with Flight and tried running it again and the files still wouldn't open and install.

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Cheeks Chief Captain

Absolute garbage. Nothing more.

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jerrygiffin Trainee

I agree that it's garbage for now. No autopilot?? trackir?? aileron trim?? world??? just one of hawaii's islands. Purchased and downloading the rest of Hawaii...hopin it'll give me autopilot. Are they gonna come out with extremely updated updates? I'll stick with fsx if it's really like this for real. Wow!...took em three whole long years for this?

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AngelT Trainee

After playing with it a couple of days, decided that I need the disk space for something worth it...deleted the game...

DocMoriarty Guest

Having played flightsimulators before even MS Flightsim was MS i must say: very disappointing. This is certainly not a simulation. It's an arcade game for people who have no clue about flying whatsoever.
If you are used to sit in your 747, take off with a 13hr flightplan, go to bed and return next morning just to land your 747 at the final destination then this is not your game.
If you don't know what to do with a game and therefore need instructions and missions then you'll be happy in the very limited world of MS Flight.
Now you can even LEVEL like in a RPG. Go figure!
Not sure i'm going to spend bucks on this catastrophe. Being used to FSabc-xyz i'll be looking for alternatives.
Also don't like the way how more and more games go the path of selling content in EXPENSIVE little slices which will add up to some amount certainly 10x bigger than the price of a regular full price game with LOTS OF MORE CONTENT than this little thingy of a game will ever have. Guess not going to support it for that reason either.
I mean hey, FSX came with a gazillion of planes and the whole Earth and like 25K airports and now i have to pay major bucks just to get a somewhat detailed airplane and a tiny flight area ???? Come on. And i completely disagree about the grafix. I've already seen better and more detailed, in FSX for example. Go figure.

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Cheeks Chief Captain

I don't understand why everybody is surprised, it was blatantly obvious that it was going to be a disappointment well before the game was released, clues being there was no videoing outside of Hawaii and any jet aircraft.

Sweeper Guest

Microsoft Flight. Cute arcade game, stick on XBOX or even port it a console and let the kiddies play. FSX/FS9/Fullterrain & ORBX rulez

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