files for microsoft flight sim for pilots real world trainin

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I am a newbie, I have flight sim X and have the book microsoft flight simulator for pilots real world training
I am looking sample flights for eacyh lesson in the book

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I don't have the book or know the step by step "tasks".
Take one at a time and do a search for it.
If you try to find them all at one time your going to come up empty and be frustrated.


Gilbert Laprise Guest

I have a full implementation of all the Flight Exercises in the book (over a 100 missions) ready to be uploaded.

It is fully integrated into FSX as a new Mission Category and requires no modification to FSX other than copying the Real World Training Folder into your FSX Mission Folder.

It also provides, thanks to Wiley and Jeff Van West, one of the author, the Briefing room of each mission, provide access to all the documentations and extra material on Wiley Web site.

The aircraft Kneeboard, provides access to relevant Maps and Charts while flying

I hope this package find it way in the library, and it is free.

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