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Just wanted to share with fellow simmers my experience with Area 51 and their products!. About a year ago I purchased their C5A from a popular site for around $30 and never could get it to work in FSX, or FS9. Tried clicking on their tech support link and it was a dead link, so I wrote them emails to which they never responded. I tried to get the site that I purchased from to help, but they never refunded me the money so I never purchased from them again! Last Saturday PC Aviator had a sale on the C17 Globe Master and I purchased it thinking it was Virtavias model, turned out to be from Area 51, and guess what? It didn’t work. Once again I emailed Area 51 because their tech support link is bogus, so I emailed them four times and once again they never responded. This time, PC Aviator agreed to refund my money. I think that Area 51 from turkey and china is a bogus company and if others out there have been ripped-off, let’s hear from you

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first stop is to dispute the charge on your credit card

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They have just released a UH-60X Stealth Blackhawk for fSX

Maybe you should try contacting them again

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