Two questions about FSX

cvbcbcmv Guest

Hey guys, I have two questions, any help would be VERY appreciated.

1. I can't run my settings under display settings very high without lagging. Everything set around medium or I get lag. I bought my computer with FSX in mind so I don't think things should lag so much with my specs. My specs are:

Intel 2.93 ghz Core i7 quad core processor
1.5 TB HDD
8 gb of ram
Nvidia graphics chip with 1gb of video ram
Windows 7 64 bit.

Sorry if I forgot something important, but shouldn't I be able to run FSX with higher settings with these specs? I have a few payware aircraft and REX 2.0 installed. I have a saitek yoke and throttle quadrant if it matters. Any ideas?

2. FSX constantly FC's on me. It's normally in the menu but sometimes in flight. It just freezes and there's no waiting to get it back. Normally I hear my fans go buzzing and it says that a fatal error has occurred. Re installing is not an option as I lost the FSX discs.

Help would be VERY appreciated. Thanks so much guys.

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1234flymyplane Guest

Here is a link to a fix I found

It has worked for me so far. As for the other question I have a Core i5 2.3 ghz, Window 7 64 bit Home Premium, 4 gb of RAM and a 320 gb hard drive and FSX can run on high settings. Do you have a lot of addons? I have noticed that some addons can significantly reduce the speed of you computer. If you do, delete some of the addons you rarely use, for me it significantly improved my speed. I hope this helps.

Pro Member Trainee
Bergz39 Trainee

I have:
530@1.73Ghz CPU
2gb Ram
Intel 965 Graffix
Vista 32 bit SP2

It runs it on medium no probs. Tried updating FSX?

Seans Guest

I also have FSX Service Pack 1. I have noticed a significant performance increase overall. You can download it here:

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