I just joined VATSIM. Now I have some questions.

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I just joined VATSIM and I felt nervous about flying online for the very first time. I have some questions for you to answer if you guys can.

1. I know that you could communicate with ATC by IM and microphone but is there any software that is required to have in order to communicate with ATC. For example, is Squawkbox, and the like required to communicate to controllers online?

2. Another download that I found is "Common Shapes Library for Squawkbox". It says that you'll need this in order to see other online airplanes. Is it true that you'll need it or you'll see no online planes?

3. Does Squawkbox 3.1 have IM capability? I don't have a microphone, so I could either send and recieve IM or send IM and probably recieve the controller's voice from the speaker.

These are my questions for now. I might ask more VATSIM questions as I go along.

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It's been a while since I used vatsim but I will try to answer..

1. You need sqwawkbox to communicate, either through voice or text.

2. I don't know that one. I always remeber seeing other players planes. Not sure if I installed that.

3. Yes it does. You can choose receive both text, both voice or a mix of your text and his voice.

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Will Squawkbox be a big download? What about other software addons? I have very few freespace left on my PC and last time I checked, I have 1.68 GB left.

Plus, how often to members fly on VATSIM? Are most of them usually busy, like they have work and stuff?

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If you're flying online, will it affect frame rates if you have a bad computer like low RAM, bad graphics card, and the like?

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I'm going to use Squawkbox 3. I don't have a microphone, so I planned to use send IM and recieve the controller's voice when flying online. Is is required that you need headphones in order to hear ATC or can you use the speaker of your computer?

Also, what's the minimum requirements to recieve the controller's voice, like what type of sound card do I need? I have a Creative SB AudioPCI 64V sound card. Is this good enough to recieve the controller's voice?

Also, if you sign in on VATSIM like joining online flying, would VATSIM uses real-world weather and time? Like if its night and rainy outside, would VATSIM be the same way?

Please reply.

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i signed up on vatsimbut I dont know how to fly it . how to connect it to fs04?

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You can fly online with VATSIm without a microphone by typing in messages, but for reality , a mic is easy and great to have.
SQUAKBOX is needed as it uses Real time, real world weather updates.

Be prepared to PILOT speak, as some of the ATC guys talk like the real deal, IFR clearances need to be filed preflight, and floowoed, ATC is actually pretty nice at times, I ran into terrible weather on one landing,with the rain going on i just was not able to see the airport for some reason, ATC gave me direct vectors and I got on the runway--So IF you want to enhance your flying to the REAL Leval--go buy a Top A/c like PMDG 737, LEARN The FMC--IT really IS NOT hard to do-jusy have to do it a lot to become good, join a VA-I Fly at Mountain Air, and just do it.

VATSIM runs with FS2004 under the TOP pull downs, Just click on it-it will pop up in a window and you will be prompted to sign in, once it-input your flight plan with Squakbox, and off you go

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