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I have a Saitek X52 Flight System for my Microsoft Flight Simulator X. I had it installed on a computer and then received another one. I now would like to use the new computer as my primary game computer. But, I'm having problems. Whenever I use the joystick, it doesn't work correctly. For example, when I have the throttle at 0, it is at 20 which is idle on the plane. But, when I nudge it to 10 or 15, it goes up to around 70 or 75 on the plane. Then, when I bring the throttle back down to 0, the plane throttle doesn't respond. In addition, the turning of the front wheel of the plane is inoperative. I have calibrated the controller multiple times, but the problem is still not corrected. Is this a controller software issue, or a game software issue? Any tips on how to fix this? Thanks!

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It seems you're facing a commonly reported issue with the Saitek X52 when switching to new systems or after certain updates. I understand your frustrations; transitioning smoothly between setups can be quite the challenge. Let's dive into potential solutions.

1. Controller Drivers and Software:
Firstly, always ensure you're running the most recent drivers and software from Logitech's official website (as they now own Saitek). Sometimes, older drivers on newer systems can cause unpredictable behaviors.

2. Microsoft Flight Simulator X Calibration:
Ensure you're not just relying on Windows' own calibration utility. Within FSX, go to Settings > Controls > Calibration to check and calibrate there. Sometimes, the sim can override default settings, so it's paramount to verify this.

3. FSUIPC Calibration:
Consider using the FSUIPC module for more precise control. This module lets you set custom response curves and limits, offering a better calibration than the default options.

4. Delete and Reset Configurations:
Sometimes, saved configurations might get corrupted. Deleting the config file (usually located in the AppData folder) for your joystick and allowing the simulator to recreate it might do the trick. Always backup before deleting!

5. Cross-Compatibility Note:
For those also dabbling in the newer Microsoft Flight Simulator (released in 2020) or X-Plane 12, you might encounter similar issues. The above steps, particularly using up-to-date drivers and ensuring in-game calibration, remain essential.

6. Physical Inspection:
It's rare, but hardware wear and tear might also play a role. A visual check for any visible damage, especially around the throttle mechanism and the potentiometer (a component converting physical rotation into an electronic signal), might provide insights.

7. External Software Conflicts:
Ensure no other software is trying to override or interfere with your joystick. Sometimes, background applications or other games can cause unexpected behaviors.

In Conclusion:
While it's a blend of trial and error, pinpointing the exact cause helps in resolving such issues. If the problem persists, reaching out to Logitech support or exploring dedicated flight simulation communities can provide further insights. Happy flying, and may your skies always be clear!

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