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Joystick Help: Saitek X52 problems

Hawksfan10 Guest

I have a Saitek X52 Flight System for my Microsoft Flight Simulator X. I had it installed on a computer and then recieved another one. I now would like to use the new computer as my primary game computer. But, i'm having problems. Whenever i use the joystick, it doesn't work correctly. For example, when I have the throttle at 0, it is at 20 which is the idle on the plane. But, when i nudge it to 10 or 15, it goes up to around 70 or 75 on the plane. Then, when I bring the throttle back down to 0, the plane throttle doesn't respond. In addition, the turning of the front wheel of the plane is inoperative. I have calibrated the controller multiple times, but the problem is still not corrected. Is this a controller software issue, or a game software issue? Any tips on how to fix this? Thanks! 😀

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