Problems with my joysticks

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Few years ago I brought an generic joystick, he worked fine and dandy, When it started to having some problems with the X/Y axis for me was fine because was jus plug in and out a few times to get it to work again. After a few months of the problems beggining I brought an Saitek X52 (Not the Pro one) not because my older one was having troubles but just because it was getting old. This new Saitek, never worked, the X/Y/Z axis of the joystick just go crazy, I mean when I push it too much to the left it goes all the way to right, when I tried to pull my plane up it puls the plane up but also trowns the ailerons all the way to the right. I though that the joystick was with some kind of failure, and pluged in my older joy. For my surprise the both are having the same problem and I cant fix it. Any idea guys?

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Clean out the drivers or any other software that has to do with both sticks.
Then download and install the newest drivers from here for your X52 stick.
Let us know how it works.


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