fsx deluxe on win7 home basic 64 bit

syed zain Guest

hello, i just got myself a new laptop which came loaded with win 7 home basic 64 bit.........can i play FSX deluxe at all?.My hardWare supports the requirements.......i have the game installed but it doesnt work...i run it in compatibility mode but eve time i keep getting an error saying lclookup.bgl file is missing......what is the diffrence btw fsx deluxe and fsx standard?.....should i install xp to play the deluxe edition?

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Deluxe has more than standard and Gold includes the Acceleration pack.
You should be able to run it on W7 64bit since I am.

Drop in disk one and choose repair and see if that helps.

Has it ever worked on W7 for you.


syed zain Guest

ok i ll try doing it?
does the deluxe version really work on win7 64 bit?

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Yes, I'm using it (Deluxe) and have been since it first came out.
I added the Acceleration Pack when it came out, it not only contains more scenery and aircraft but has SP1 and SP2 built in.
That way it works it's way into the Sim without any problems.

In fact if you search this forum way back you'll find that I bought it a week before it's general release (Best Buy), this is the 3rd computer I've had it on.
XP 32bit, Vista 64bit now W7 64bit.


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