GPS, Autopilot and Loading Approaches

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While flying any kind of default FSX airplane, I am looking for more information on how to use all the GPS, Autopilot and Approach components. I want this to be as real life as possible. Does anyone have some added information that will help?


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I think you and I have been in touch about this already.

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Thanks Pusser

Starting to grasp it a little better. Tried it this mroning in a cessna and it worked fine. Then I did a flight in the CRJ from KORD to KCLE. When I was asked to descend into Cleveland I activated vectors to final. I was able to follow this path but I think I should have activated the approach for 24R then activated vectors to final when I was closer. Right?

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Correct, When you are given your runway ex. 24R select this runway on the GPS, hit enter to load it into the system... Follow atc control until you are on short final then activate.... You can activate it at any time however you will lose yous gps track. If this doesn't bother you then activate at any time however set your AP to HDG to follow ATC, then when on short final switch to NAV and it will set you on final, also watch your speed, depending on aircraft try to stay under 220knts or so, use flaps as needed... Hope it helps...

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