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I have been trying to take my sim flying to the next level. When you fly IFR flight plans you have to follow what the ATC default says or they terminate your flight plan and make you go to VFR.

For example: If I file an IFR flight plan using VOR to VOR routing, ATC with take me off course throughout the flight and especially when I get about 70 nm away from my destination airport. How can I change this so I can fly my intended route?

I also like to use simroutes.com to get real flight plans loaded into FSX.


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Are you useing GPS or are you navigating useing VOR. If Vor and you stray from your flight plan ATC will atempt to get you back on course, if you don't do it fast enough it will drop your control and send you VFR. This doesn't usually happen in real lif, if you don't respond or react to ATC the will want know why???? and you better have a good reason or you will hear from the FAA. The reason they seem to turn you 70 or so miles from the airport is to put you into the landing patern to set you up for the proper runway approach..... Hope this helps....

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Marc Wheeler (CXA001) Trainee

You may want to consider trying to fly on line on a network such as VATSIM, where real-world flight plans are the norm.

If not, I beleive there are some payware addon software that will better simulate ATC. Never used them, but perhaps someone can elaborate.

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