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How do you select to Zoom?

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Wasn't sure how to phrase this question

jv23 Guest

Wow I pressed Submit prematurely there. Sorry about that.

I'm using a joystick setup while playing FSX and I'm programming my own controls. I have two buttons that zoom in and zoom out and I have another two buttons that increase the simulation speed and decrease the simulation speed. But to do the latter, I have to first press R (or the button on my joystick that is programmed to press R) which selects the "Time Compression".

After I press R, I can increase and decrease the simulation rate with the two buttons. However, the two buttons I have set to Zoom In and Zoom Out (programmed to the = sign and the - sign on my keyboard) start to function as increasing and decreasing the simulation rate. I was wondering if there was a button that would select the Zoom functions (similar to what R does for simulation rate). After that I could use the same buttons to zoom in and out.

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