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Hi All... I have downloaded the two files from Sunskyjet that upgrade the KPHL airport and they are outstanding. However, I have one big remaining problem. When I start up FS9, select a 707-420 and gate 9, the aircraft's nose is inside the building and the gate is E3. Also at some of the other gates the working aircraft end up inside the building. I believe it is cockpit trouble here and not the program itself. I believe I missed something or installed something wrong. The airport by itself looks perfect however, it is only the aircraft that seem to be out of position. Any help is greatly appreciated or links to solving the problem.

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Hi All.... Well the answer to this problem turned out to be cockpit trouble as I thought. It seemed both of the KPHL airport upgrades got loaded at the same time and since I had the Ultimate Terrain loaded as well, only added fuel to the fire. The upgrade to the KPHL airport works perfectly when it is loaded correctly and is a terrific upgrade to say the least. The people at Sunskyjet have done a mavelous job with this upgrade and are to certainly be congratulated.

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