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Bradley Dill Guest

As you may know, the GameSpy-powered component of Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) multiplayer was decommissioned on December 6, 2012. It is now official that GameSpy will no longer be supporting the FSX title and that users of FSX will need to turn elsewhere to connect with each other. Now that we no longer have GameSpy, we all need to act together to save our hobby and ensure multiplayer remains alive through Direct Connect.

Over the past six years, many communities have relied on GameSpy to host multiplayer sessions with FSX and allow their users to connect with one another. Boston Virtual ATC (BVA), a 3500-member community that relied on GameSpy’s technology in addition to FSX’s Direct Connect functionality, is one such community affected by this loss. To help FSX users seeking alternative options learn about the various communities that provide realistic operations and immersive ATC, BVA has sponsored a website to explain the
situation, post relevant news, and describe the servers and communities that remain available.

To learn more about the future of FSX multiplayer beyond GameSpy or to contribute to
the conversation, please see the following website:

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DreamLiner63 Guest

So does this mean that ill never get to go on GameSpy again?

Pro Member Site Admin
Fly Away Simulation (Flyaway) Site Admin

We are soon going to be introducing a multiplayer page here on Fly Away Simulation with a listing of regularly updated multiplayer hosts - you will even be able to submit your own.

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Mike (pusser) Trainee

These big companies that let down so many people need some kind of rocket up their a$$! There has to be no need for them to do this. OK, so we were all non-paying users of their system, but the number of people using their multiplayer system should have made them think twice about pulling the plug without giving customers fair warming, and a chance to have a say in the matter. Evil or Very Mad

DreamLiner63 Guest

I have so many questions to ask about the new FlyAway Multiplayer

1. Will it be very similar to FSX Multiplayer?
2. Will you still get to talk to people if you have a microphone, a headset, ect?
3.Will you still have your friends that you had on FSX Multiplayer?

Please some who knows alot about this please tell me 😞 Crying or Very sad 😕

Diablosrouge Guest

Gamespy always sucked, they are canceling everything and now we cant play this game online, among a few others like Anno 1701.
I dont know why Microsoft did this partnership with them.

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James Lang (JGL90) Trainee

As many people here this news I am confident that we'll all be making the move over to the virtual airline community to fill in the gap. It's really disappointing when these companies decide to abandon their customers like that. Let's hope that we can work together to strengthen the communities out there. I actually first learned about virtual airlines through Game Spy...really sad when things like this happen.

Well, the future awaits, and all those still looking for multiplayer fun are encouraged to check out

oran-diablo Guest

what the annoying @$#! did they do that for. i only just got the *#&%^&@ game when they shut multiplayer down. Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad i hope that microsoft flight sim x will be up and running again one day

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Mike (pusser) Trainee

There are a lot of multiplayer sessions here....

Shomideep Guest

You can now continue the online experience on, there are many servers but the best is FSX Europe which is top on the list. There are rules and regulations in place wit proper ATC and software which control the environment so all people can have a fun session with official experienced atc. Come and join us on FSOpen and have a new experience that will not disappoint you.

Lampard Guest

where can I play FSX ONLINE?

Pro Member Chief Captain
RadarMan Chief Captain

Lampard wrote:

where can I play FSX ONLINE?

Check other posts in this forum, they mention other multi-sites.


KeliX Guest

The built in FSX multiplayer is limited ... I have better experiences with 3rd party software for multiplayer (i.ex. fscloud, note that you start FSX in free flight and then start the cloud program and then you are getting connected to a multiplayer network by this)

Have fun 🙂

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