DreamLiner63 Guest

Every time i press "Sign In" it doesn't do anything so its just like i pressed a fake button. Whats Wrong? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

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RadarMan Chief Captain

If you changed your email in your profile then you can be locked out.
Did you ask for your password to be sent to you.
Put your username on the next post so Flyaway can check out your problem.


DreamLiner63 Guest

I haven't changed my email or asked for a password. My user name is DreamLiner63

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What button doesn't work for you? Is it the one at the top of the web pages? This one:

Or is it another button? Please let us know so we may run compatibility tests and ensure this it working for you and other users.

chris9999 Guest

I cant sign in either, fake button syndrome . Think its because of gamespy shutting us down!

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Are the problems you're having related to our website or is it related to Microsoft Flight Simulator X Multiplayer mode?

I'm a little confused here. 😕

Please advise.

nightfireadam Guest

Yeah I'm getting the same problem It won't sign in the button not working is the sign in button in MP. I haven't changed any settings on it is it because of gamespy shutting down?

london2012 Guest


GameSpy are no longer running, they are shutting down. And as multiplayer is powered by GameSpy, it's no longer going to work. You can see that it is shutting down on there website. Microsoft are looking for another company to take over, but that will take some time. Sorry!


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