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dma Guest

I have FSX running on two monitors with forward view on the runway and my cockpit panel on the other. I have my airplane oin the ramp with the windows set up in the right views and in full screen mode. I save the flight as default. I end the flight and restart, the panel is back to the main screen. At that point I have to drag the panel to the second monitor and everything is fine.

Is there any way tom force windows to start with the panels in the proper place?

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Ryan Shipp Guest

Hi. I was doing some googling regarding this same issue, and wonder if you every found a resolution to this issue. I also use dual displays, and would really really like to save window positions so I don't have to set it up for every flight. Did you ever figure out how to accomplish this?

Mapp Prentice Guest

We simmer's are all plagued by this issue.
to get around it you can use two little programs, Panel Store and Panel Restore

- Unzip it in a folder
- Open Fsx in windowed mode
- Open the panels you need, undocked them, and place/resize them the way you want.
- Launch "Panel Store.exe" and wait a few (2 to 5 secondes)

when you start a new flight.

- Open the panels you need (undocked)
- Launch "Panel Restore.exe"

The size and the positions of your panels will be recalled.

Pro Member Trainee
Iain (captcrazy) Trainee

I am using six monitors and I am facing the same problem. it does get tiresome having to reset all the windows. I also use cargo pilot. No-one seems to know the answer or has written a program. The only way I have found is save flight. when you reload that flight the windows will be in the right position, but it is boring flying the same flight

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