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hello everyone.

i am trying to land, in free flight or in missions.
once i am almost touching down with a perfect landing the engines getting full power and i can not do anything against it (auto pilot is off) the plane getting full power and i am not able to land.

what can be done to cancel it?

thank you.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Flaps and reverse thruster would help.
Download this, print it out and it'll be a big help to you.


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Maybe you are forgetting to turn off your Auto Throttle. Many planes have an auto-throttle as well as an auto-pilot. On climb out, engage auto pilot - - then engage auto throttle. Before touch down dis-engage auto throttle - - then dis-engage auto pilot.

Remember also - when flying the AirbusA321 - to turn off those three flight control buttons mid left on your overhead panal. They cause trouble. Turn them off before Take Off and leave them off for the whole flight.

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